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Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of things) has played a key role in transforming business operations at speed and scale for growth, resilience, and competitive advantage over the past few years. When it comes to IoT, Tronsoft Technologies is a preferred partner for many in handholding the IoT journey right from ideation to implementation and business value realization. Tronsoft’s unique approach leverages both- off-shelf solutions and customized solutions (both hardware and software) to realize the user’s goal- productivity improvement, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and creation of new revenue models using IoT.


We blend digitalization with fresh ideas to produce revolutionary digital solutions for the manufacturing process on a global scale. We are looking forward to incorporating automatic OEE solutions, manufacturing intelligence, MES, real-time production data, predictive maintenance, etc., and focus on bringing digitalization to your facility. We research your application and create a company that is based just for you. In a 24-hour period, experts quickly build an Industry 4.0 application for you.

2.Connected Assets

  • Indoor and outdoor asset tracking
    The Indoor and Outdoor Tracking can be named multi-mode trackers. This is the service where each sensor can catch the signals from various positions technologies like GPS, WIFI, BLE, etc. Also, you have the chance to apply different channels for data communication. It becomes an ideal tool because of Well-defined positioning, lowering energy consumption, and powerful data security.

BLE beacons

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons are a great part of indoor position systems, which allows us to detect their exact location or environment. Beacon devices are a small type of transmitters that can mount in all locations to disseminate low-energy Bluetooth signs in an addressed area. Tronsoft Technologies examines the use of BLE beacons in the application of location-based services. The use of BLE beacons is swiftly growing and getting new applications every day.

LORA based tracking

Tronsoft Technologies LORA-based tracking systems are is a new technology in Wireless System. Also are tuned for low-power operation, can be used to track and monitor assets. You can Track anything and anywhere you want like Non-Powered Assets, Containers, and Bins or Agriculture, etc. These systems enable sleep mode and consume lower energy.

Remote monitoring of vehicles

The term “remote vehicle monitoring” refers to a transportation management system that tracks and informs on the status of the automobile. Vehicle monitoring, inspections, and usage are all part of this. You’ll discover not only where your automobile is, and even how efficiently it’s operating, whether that’s due for scheduled maintenance, and whether the operator has enough time left on his duty to make one more stop.

Cold chain monitoring

Wireless sensors are used in a cold chain temperature monitoring system to evaluate and control actual temperatures in a distant area, such as a chiller, and to identify temperature changes. For fleets delivering food, drinks, medications, or other commodities that must be kept at a specific degree or temperature range through the transportation procedure cold chain monitoring devices are a useful resource.

DG set monitoring

Our artificial intelligence-based Smart Diesel Generator Monitoring is the service you’ve been waiting for to ensure your company’s survival. We keep track of the key performance indicators that your remote generators must offer in order to assist you to evaluate your business’s performance and reassure you. We will deliver a facility of fuel monitoring and pilferage authority.

3. Custom product development:

In custom product Development, we offer IoT services in a customized way. We produce excellent products that allow your company to bring its vision to life. To provide a satisfactory service, our team creates rapid models that simulate the product experience. Our expert electronics systems engineers can compute different types of connectivity to your product, including GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc, options. Our team also designs, codes, and tests the software that helps in your company’s proper database management.

Robotic Process automation

Robotic process automation by Tronsoft Technologies will make it more efficient to build, position, and run software robots. It is a software technology that easily manages the software robots that imitate human actions connecting with all the digital software and operations. Software robots can easily track, manage and identify faster than human beings. They are capable of performing defined actions with consistency and accumulated speed. Tronsoft Technologies will make your venture more successful, receptive, and pliable through authentic robotic process automation.. Our 20+ years of experience in business process automation gives us an edge over rest of the players when it comes to RPA solution deployment. 


Target industries

Robotic process automation(RPA) is more helpful in industries these servcies have the ability to change the dynamics of the business. Where to start from Finance and banking, BPOs, Manufacturing, healthcare, Telecommunication, etc including the public sector. Instead of taking an integrated sector strategy, that may take a long time and a lot more money to accomplish, RPA allows you to modify business processes rapidly.

Our Industry experience:

  • Finance & Banking
  • Insurance& Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Retail & CPG
  • BPO
  • Logistics

Target processes

With RPA you can Automate any repetitive task. With our RPA solutions, we can help you get 3x faster processes, with a great percentage of cost reduction and 100 % accuracy.

Processes we have automated: 

  • Contact Center Automation
  • Finance and Accounting Automation
  • Healthcare Payer Automation
  • Human Resources Automation
  • IT Automation
  • Legal Automation
  • Claims Processing Automation
  • Accounts payable Automation
  • Procure to pay Automation
  • Sales order, post order automation

AI and ML solutions

With AI and ML expertise, our team helps you discover the true value of your data and utilize it as a growth engine for the organization.AI and machine facility of services can change your paradigm towards a problem & its solution drastically. At Tronsoft Technologies, we provide you with a range of services like deep learning, machine vision, etc that equip you with actionable insights. Most importantly we assist all types of IT companies who have previously established their products in the marketplace, to infer our platform for developing an Analytics and Visualization part on their current product. AI and ML services that will make your business boost exponentially. 

Cyber Security

In the world of technology is continuously evolving the security protection of data has become a crucial part of the IT sector and companies. Many businesses change their technologies without consulting IT, information security, procurement, or security experts. This not reliable there is a chance of data leakage or any company data misleading. Tronsoft Technologies is your go-to source for cybersecurity solutions. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from data security management. Assist you with your regulatory and security management programs and minimize marketplace risk with cost-effective technologies. Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Consulting, Penetration Testing, and Network Security Monitoring services are offered to you in all sectors of healthcare, Banking, Education, etc.

Cybersecurity audits and recommendations

Businesses can now use cybersecurity audits as a checklist to validate their protection policies and practices. Businesses that undertake audits will be able to determine whether or not they have adequate protection systems in place, as well as whether or not they are in compliance with applicable rules. This enables companies to take a constructive approach to cybersecurity policy development, allowing in more adaptive risk management. Tronsoft Technologies implements the best cybersecurity servcies for your company data absolute efficiency and the ability to drive changes for the development of your internal systems, your products, and business as a whole.

Cyber threat analysis

With Tronsoft technologies Cyber threat analysis helps in learning about the in-house and outside information gaps of an organization and is examined against cyberattacks. A threat-oriented technique for countering cyberattacks employs a cyber analysis strategy demonstrating a shift from reactive to proactive protection. Our security experts use their abilities and prior experiences in areas such as network management or network engineering to assist in the fight against cybercriminals such as hackers and malicious software makers.

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