Tronsoft Technologies

About Us

Welcome to Tronsoft Technologies; we are our client’s preferred partner for digitalization solutions. We’re dedicated to unraveling the full potential of your organization using disruptive new-age technologies. With a focus on three characteristics that is dependability, customer service, and agility. 

About us

We provide businesses with cutting-edge technology and services.

We focus on offering one-stop Solutions & Services in the Internet of Things (IoT), AI & ML solutions, Robotic Process Automation, and Cyber Security. 

As per the Cisco survey, 65%+ digitalization projects failed at the PoC stage. We believe this is due to a wrong approach towards digitalization. At Tronsoft Technologies, we employ the DMAIC approach that has proved to be highly effective and successful in extracting colossal value from all the digitalization projects that we have undertaken so far 

Our Approach:

We’ve created a planning network that allows you to schedule meetings instantly and independently from wherever you work. We trust in transparent apps, the importance of compassion as a design philosophy, and the ability of AI to help people reach their full potential.


We have the major goal of making disruptive technologies available to every organization globally. We offer to create the best digitalization platforms you require for your business to stimulate growth and generate greater revenue for the organization. Soon, we are going to come up with Cyber Security. Initiating the Cybersecurity audits and recommendations and Cyber threat analysis.

Our Skills

Our strength lies in our ability to solve a problem uniquely and adroitly. We have a strong partner eco-system of like-minded organizations who share the same vision-to make digitalization- AI, IoT, RPA available to every organization.’ With dedicated proficient teams for AI, IoT, RPA, Cybersecurity, we have helped over 50 organizations with over 75 cumulative projects and of course 100% customer satisfaction